"Our mission is to create maximum investment value for our client partners and to provide personal and professional growth opportunities for our associates."
Our primary guiding principle is personal and professional integrity. It is the standard by which we make our decisions and measure our actions, as well as the value that we most strive to practice in our business relationships.


Jake Fischer
Vice President of Real Estate & Business Development

Katherine Steed
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Don Haggerty
Vice President of Renovation & Construction

Isabel Dreher
Vice President of Human Resources

Robert Avila
Regional Vice President of Operations

Brian Latture
Regional Vice President of Operations

Eric McCarthy
Vice President of Hotel Accounting

Joanne Headrick
Vice President of Hotel Accounting

Jeff Gouge
Regional Vice President of Operations

Leonard Clifton
Director of Operations

Robin Koetje
Director of Information

Mary McDonald
Director of Payroll & Benefits Administration

Neil Taylor
Director of Project Management

Lynne Dematteo
Corporate Recruiting Manager

Molly Bruder
Executive Assistant to Douglas Dreher, President & CEO

Catherine DeVane
Executive Assistant to Lara Latture, Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Murphy
Executive Assistant to the Founder & CFO

Ed Ha
Real Estate/Financial Analyst